How raw fibers are grown and processed into textiles has tremendous impact!

Approximately three-quarters of the unsustainable practices in the fashion industry are a result of how conventional textiles are made, from raw fiber to the finished material. 

At DAYWEARLAB we believe it’s time for real change. Clothing can be made more thoughtfully, with materials that leave a lighter footprint on the planet. Together with you, we want to build a future in which products and ecosystems are thought about holistically. Protecting the planet is a necessity, and careful design and production will drive impactful change.

Traditionally, making fabric is resource intensive in all stages of production, from fiber growth to dying to processing. All these steps require a tremendous amount of water and energy as well as sometimes toxic chemicals. We believe we must do better, and this is how, at DAYWEARLAB, we only partner with mills that pursue sustainable material innovation and ethical production standards.  

We also hand pick our fabrics to maximize quality and durability and minimize environmental impact. Our materials are luxurious and high quality, but also naturally biodegradable and renewable. At DAYWEARLAB we carefully consider the best ways to get our fabrics made, and we make deliberate design choices to ensure production is helping our planet.