Content: 100% extra-long staple cotton, GOTS certified organic
Qualities: fine gauge, soft, lightweight
Cotton Source: Egypt
Yarn Made In: Italy

organic cotton

Like those high-quality Egyptian cotton bed sheets that feel silky smooth against your skin, our knits are made from Egyptian cotton grown in the fertile Nile River Valley. The Egyptian cotton seed produces an extra-long staple fiber that when handled gently and grown in ideal climate conditions, creates a densely packed, strong and luxuriously soft fabric that is more resistant to pilling, fading, and wrinkling, resulting in a longer lasting product that feels silky soft. Long staple fibers can also be spun into finer yarns without compromising their strength and durability, creating a knit that is light as air and wears beautifully year-round.

Our GOTS certified organic Egyptian cotton is spun in one of the finest mills in Italy. The long-term collaboration has built a fully traceable and environmentally friendly supply chain.

Why We Use Organic Cotton

Organic farming contributes to a balanced and healthy eco-system. The benefits of organic farming includes the use of non-GMO seeds, restrictions on the use of chemicals, and healthy soil management.

Healthy soil management is maintained through the use of crop rotation. A healthy nutrient rich top soil needs less water and results in strong plants that are more resistant to pests. Conventional cotton farming relies heavily on the use of petroleum-based herbicides and pesticides which have adverse health effects on the farmers, local waterways, and greenhouse gas emissions. By comparison organic farming naturally controls pesticides through the use of techniques such as companion planting. Naturally derived Non-GMO seeds means no patent protections that prohibit farmers from collecting and replanting their seeds year-over-year.

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