Content: 100% Super 100s pure virgin wool, GOTS certified organic
Wool Source: Argentina
Fabric Made In: Italy

A true super fiber, wool is often thought of as a cold weather fabric. However, finely spun wool is the ideal year-round material. Wool is a breathable, active fiber that can be spun into very lightweight durable yarn. It is naturally thermoregulating and resistant to odor and stains making it perfect for garments that you want to wear all day. We use it in our trousers, which are made from 100% lightweight Super 100s organic suiting wool and designed to be worn year-round.

Biella, Italy is known as the world’s wool capital and it produces the finest of woolen cloths. Each mill specializes in a particular style of fabric design and production.


We chose our mill because of their unique organic wool, which is lightweight, soft and gorgeous. We love the fact that they use solar panels to provide 25% of their yearly energy usage. They have also built a water filtration system that removes soap and dye from their manufacturing wastewater, thereby allowing them to recycle and reuse water.


The GOTS certified wool we use is fully traceable and comes from organic sheep farms in Argentina. The sheep that grow our wool are free of hormones, steroids and antibiotics, and the farms use responsible grazing practices. Once the sheep are sheared, the wool is packed and shipped to Italy, where it is washed and spun into yarn. Then it is dyed and woven into fabric. All these steps are free from toxic chemicals.