GOTS Certified

The Organic Collection is primarily crafted from GOTS certified organic Italian cotton and wool. GOTS is the leading globally recognized certification for organic fibers. GOTS fabrics are sustainably and ethically produced, from seed to crop to finished material, guaranteeing healthy soil management free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. GOTS certified textiles are grown from non-GMO seeds and their fibers are processed and dyed without toxic chemicals.

GOTS certification ensures that our fabrics are produced in a way that supports worker and animal welfare and doesn’t rely on environmentally harmful chemicals.

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We use small amounts of BCI cotton for the interior waistband trim of our trousers. The BCI’s mission is to improve the working conditions of the growers and processors of cotton. They also seek to make cotton production safer for the environment by encouraging better water management and limiting the use of chemical fertilizers. According to the World Wildlife Foundation BCI cotton reduces water intake by 39%, the use of pesticides by 47%, and chemical fertilizer by 39%. 

1% of the cotton grown in the world is organic; 14% of the world’s cotton is BCI. 

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Our buttons, zippers and interior linings are OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a global safety standard certification that guarantees quality and chemical safety for textiles, products and accessories. 

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