DAYWEARLAB is a New York based women’s clothing brand. Our mission is to ethically and sustainably create beautifully crafted clothes that perfectly balance effortless style and all-day comfort­—the versatile, elevated everyday pieces that you’ll always reach for in your closet.

Our Design Process

We begin with extensive material research and design exploration to bring both style and comfort to an active lifestyle—pieces that can be dressed up and down to fit your day. Our design process is guided by conversations with women across different industries and lifestyle, because feedback from our customers are at the heart of our design.

We seek out and work with exceptional craftsmen, and go through a rigorous pattern making, sampling, and development process to get the best product possible before we even start manufacturing.

Where We Manufacture

We work directly with all of our manufacturers, all of whom are in the United States, primarily in New York City and Los Angeles.

How We Chose Our Fabrics

We source ethically and sustainably made fabrics of the highest quality from fabric mills that have a history of excellent craftsmanship.

More than half of the environmental impact of clothing happens at the raw material stage.  All of the mills we work with have taken significant steps to reduce their water, energy and chemical footprint. 

Global Organic Textile Standard

When shopping our first collection you will see a “GOTS” signifier. The Global Organic Textile Standard sets guidelines on water and energy consumption. GOTS also ensures that the fabric is made sustainably throughout the entire supply chain, from farming to the final product and guarantees the use of non-toxic chemicals.