Up Close: Cotton Soft Ribbed Knit

DAYWEARLAB Organic Cotton Yarn Cones

When we think of knits we typically think of a chunky knit or maybe a fine cashmere sweater, but knitting at a fine gauge with cotton yarn is a great way to create a year-round elevated knit that pairs well with just about everything. 

Whole garment knitting

Each of the three knit tops in The Organic Collection are knit on a fine gauge knitting machine. However variations in the fineness of the yarn, the knitting technique used, the machine type and the tension of the weave created three very different tops, each knit in limited quantity. In this post we focus on our Soft Ribbed Knit, which was knit using the WholeGarment knitting technique.

SHIMA SEIKI WholeGarment Machine

At DAYWEARLAB we’re all about understated luxury and to make the type of knits that we like to make we’ve teamed up with exceptional knitting factories with a deep-bench of experience working with some of the best luxury designers.

A knitting programmer has to have the experience and talent to balance art and technology. Design and manufacturing considerations include the gauge of the knit, the complexity of programming the design, the length of time it takes to knit each garment and finishing the garment.

Simple is never simple

Getting a well-crafted knit to come off a machine in one piece requires every detail to be carefully considered. We spent a surprising amount of time working out the neckline, which elevates the knit and is one of our favorite understated luxury details.

DAYWEARLAB WholeGarment Rib CloseUp Neckline

Details make the difference

We changed the size of the ribs along the sides to visually lengthen the torso and create just the right amount of stretch for a flattering fit. We also removed the trim detail for a clean and sophisticated finish. The length of the knit is designed so that you can easily style it both untucked and tucked. Because of its fine gauge it doesn’t bulk up when you tuck in.

DAYWEARLAB WholeGarment Rib CloseUp Neckline Detail Window

Seed-to-label sustainability

For our yarn, we partnered with one of the world’s best cotton mills. All of our GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) yarn is made to order in Italy from organic Egyptian extra-long cotton fibers as part of a long-term collaboration that’s built a fully traceable and environmentally friendly supply chain. Using GOTS organic cotton is important to us because it ensures that no toxic chemicals are used to grow, process and dye the cotton, thereby keeping farming communities and waterways safe and free of toxic chemicals.

It starts with you

Egyptian extra-long cotton fibers are known for their lasting durability and luxuriously soft silky texture. Because of the high quality of the yarn this top will feel soft and plush, like a second skin. It’s also a breathable natural fiber and doesn’t hang on to order like synthetic fibers. 

DAYWEARLAB Whole Garment Soft Ribbed Organic Cotton Knit


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